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“In-House” Vehicular Case Training for Criminal and Civil Litigators

Customized Training

For civil and government litigators, prosecutors, and risk managers who handle cases involving vehicle collisions.

  • Do you understand the unique issues involved in analyzing civil or criminal liability in a vehicle crash case?
  • Are you prepared to attack the foundation for a reconstruction expert’s opinion(s), as well as the opinion itself?
  • Can you successfully direct additional investigation to ensure the best result in your case and for your client?
  • Are you getting the most from your own experts, both during and before  deposition or trial?

Our team of nationally-recognized experts can give you the legal edge to meet these challenges head on!

YOUR Priorities, YOUR Seminar

Top-level training for prosecutors and civil counsel who litigate crash cases involving death or personal injury is virtually non-existent.

A “one size fits all” training approach aimed at general litigation skills simply doesn’t cut it when dealing with the complexities these serious cases present.

The Crash to Courtroom team have presented on more than 400 occasions in every state in the US. We offer you, the program host, the ability to focus your seminar on the subjects that are of highest importance to your audience.  Let us design a program to fit your needs, or choose from our extensive list of more than 20 topics, including:

  • Litigating the Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Case
  • “Black Box” (EDR) evidence, simulations, and animations
  • Effective Depositions of Reconstruction Experts
  • Human Factors Evidence
  • Criminal and Civil Case Analysis
  • And much, much more!

Focus On Critical Issues

Our seminars are designed for practitioners who want to cut through the math and engineering of crash reconstruction and get to the issues that impact the outcomes of these cases and can challenge even the most skillful litigator or experienced risk manager.

Knowing how to evaluate and litigate a crash case means accurate liability assessment for your civil or government client… and will enable you to negotiate from the strongest position and get the best results at trial.


Get the legal edge in your vehicular cases by scheduling your Crash to Courtroom Seminar today!

Contact the Legal Sciences team at: crash2ct@gmail.com


John B. KwasnoskiJohn B. Kwasnoski

John Kwasnoski is Professor Emeritus of Forensic Physics at Western New England University, and has instructed prosecutors, police, and civil attorneys on more than 350 occasions across the U.S.  He has reconstructed more than 1,300 crashes, and has given sworn testimony on more than 200 occasions.  He has worked for more than twenty major insurers as a consultant/expert witness, and has conducted training for the claims adjusters and special investigators of a number of insurance companies.

He has served as an expert in several cases of national significance including S. Carolina v. Susan Smith (a mother’s drowning murder of her two children) and for the plaintiff in the case of Ulm v. Ford Motor Co. in which a Vermont jury awarded the plaintiff more than one million dollars.

Jim CampJim Camp

Jim Camp, a trial lawyer with an undergraduate major in education, spent eight years as a civil litigator, more than sixteen years as an elected District Attorney, and nine years as a Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor. He has been the recipient of numerous national and state awards for his training and dedication to traffic safety. He has authored numerous national treatises and articles and is a nationally recognized trainer on crashes, traffic safety, and trial advocacy; he served for many years as faculty of the NDAA “Lethal Weapon” DUI Team at the National Advocacy Center.  While engaged in civil litigation Jim was a member of the prestigious Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Creg G. DatigCreg G. Datig

Creg Datig is a nationally-recognized expert in the investigation and prosecution of vehicular death and injury cases.  With over 32 years of experience as a trial attorney and top administrator in one of the largest prosecutors’ offices in the nation, he personally obtained 20 murder verdicts in highly complex vehicular homicide trials, including multiple fatality and commercial carrier matters, and has reviewed over 1600 vehicular fatality cases for issuance of charges.  Mr. Datig has been a regular instructor and consultant for over 25 years for law enforcement and prosecutors’ offices, both throughout California and nationally, on issues related to the investigation and litigation of vehicular cases.